With the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games just days away, you can rest assured that the competing athletes are putting the finishing touches on their training and preparation for their big moment in the spotlight.

These elite athletes train for years not just perfecting their physical abilities in their respective sport, but also on the discipline that comes along with their mental game. This group of highly skilled competitors know better than any other group of people on the planet, that the biggest competitive challenge will come in the form of the mental game.  They know that the biggest difference between going home with or without a medal could all just lie in their STATE OF MIND at the time of competition. Like we always remind you at LifeSushi, it’s a State of Mind and you are always just a short mental lane change to living the best life you can!

So, today, we want to give you a few tips, that these athletes religiously practice, to help get you to the top of their Mental Game in Life!

 1) Stay Motivated – Olympians have a never give up attitude. They are highly motivated individuals and are following a passion. What’s your life passion? Have you thought about it? If you were doing something in life that you really loved wouldn’t you clap your hands every morning when you woke up and said, “I’m ready to do this!” as you whistle your way out of the door? Find out what gets you motivated. There is no better way to stay motivated than doing something you LOVE!

 2) Be Optimistic – These Olympic athletes did not magically appear at the Olympic games. They trained for years in their respective sport and lost and failed more times than they probably wish to share. What has separated theses individuals from the heap, was an optimistic attitude that if they just kept trying and kept moving, they would succeed. So, remember, its all about the journey so “keep on keepin on.” Maintain a “glass half full” attitude and you too can be on your way to success in life!

 3) Get Tough – Olympians have mental toughness. They believe in themselves above everything else, which helps to keep them motivated and optimistic. You see where we are going with this stuff? It’s all related. Olympians make goals that coincide with their skills. Find out what you are good at and work at it. It will build your confidence to do great things.

 4) Use positive influences to help achieve your standard of perfection! You might need to read that sentence twice. Surround yourself with positive influences to guide you along to achieving an ultimate life goal. Olympians do! They use their influences to guide them and critique them into being the best they can be. Ask yourself…who are your positive influences? Are you being dragged down by toxic friends or "Debbie downers?" It might be time to clean that closet of friendship.

5) Focus. Focus. Focus.  Olympians have the ability to key into what is important and complete the task at hand… so do you.  They focus on what they can control and key in on that to find a solution to their problem. Ask yourself this, when a problem arises in your life do you automatically start thinking about all the bad things that are about to come from the problem or do you immediately start thinking about “connecting the dots” to solve the problem as best as you can.  So, start thinking like an Olympian and look at the resources around you to solve the problem at hand. You can do it! All it takes is a little focus.

6) Control the “Controllable” – Olympians have the ability to plan ahead and diminish those extra life stresses that might possibly arise along their path. Look ahead at potential obstacles and set safety nets before they become an issue. Think of it like insurance…you have car insurance to help lessen the burden should a car accident arise. What else do you need to insure so you can rest easy that you are taken care of should a “speed bump” arise along the road of life?

By applying these simple tips to help you think like an Olympian, you can be on your way to winning the GOLD in your life! (yes, we know that was a cheesy line, but it just came out so easy! HA!) Ok, Go Get em!



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