Paying It Forward in the New Year!

 BeKind2013 by now the flood of new year’s resolution posts, emails, and tweets have flooded all of your accounts over the last week. This is why we decided to let all that noise fizzle down just a bit before we dive into the new year. We always like to take a week to reflect on the year past between new year’s day and the next official week of the new year.  We ask ourselves what could we have done better? What do we want to accomplish? What would we like to change?

Resolutions are great, but what’s even better is sitting down and just coming up with a few simple goals and action items on how you are actually going to achieve those goals. That’s the sticky factor…the map for which you will achieve your goal. So, as you get started on your blueprint for a happy, healthy, and successful new year, we would like to challenge you to add another “goal” to your list of yearly accomplishments.

My goal for this year is to “give back” a little bit more. When I say “give back” I don’t mean in a strictly monetary way. I’ve been very blessed in my life, with my health, my family, my success in career and business. The one area of my life where I continue to feel a void is in the way of giving back. I am committed in the New Year  to give back more of myself by the way of educating others and random acts of goodwill. After all, it does make the world a better place when you spread a little sunshine in another direction. You never know who you will inspire to live a better life with just the smallest act of help.

So, our challenge to you this year is really quite simple when you put it down on paper, but can quickly turn into a challenge when you try to incorporate it into your daily list of growing action items. We, at Life Sushi, simply challenge you to “Pay It Forward” in the New Year by being a positive source of inspiration, goodwill, and motivation for those you surround yourself with. Sounds simple right? Not so fast…you will have to make a conscious effort to remember to do this month in and month out for it to really begin to be a 2nd nature part of life for you.


So, here’s your blueprint for the 2013 Pay It Forward Challenge….

-    Once a month complete a random act of kindness through a charitable act. Now, just because we use the word “charitable” doesn’t translate that you have to give money to someone or something. A charitable act can be anything that might be helpful to someone or some cause in need. It can be simply an investment of your time. Visiting the elderly. Teaching a child. Picking up the phone and calling a friend or loved one going through a rough time. Writing a letter…yes an actual paper signed, sealed, and delivered letter. Ask yourself when the last time you did that?

Keep a calendar reminder set for each month to help you remember. That’s only 12 charitable acts you are committing to for the year…before you know you’ll be doing one a week and inspiring others to do the same.

Make it Infectious! If you use Twitter…Tweet about your “Pay It Forward” moment each month and use the hashtag #BeKind2013 so others can follow along. Being kind is contagious! You can follow along with us each month at @LifeSushi

Not quite sure how to get started? Here’s another inspiring twitter account you can follow. We were inspired this past month by Ann Curry’s announcement to ask her network of followers to remember the fallen 26 of Newtown, CT by creating a twitter movement called #26acts. 26 Acts of Kindness to remember the fallen 26.  Go check out the number of people who were inspired to commit an act of kindness and continue to pay it forward. You can follow Ann Curry’s Twitter page and posts from followers here

So, let’s keep the positive acts flowing & growing this new year!

All you have left to ask yourself is… Today, I will Pay It Forward by?

Happy New Year!




We love hearing from you! If you are paying it forward we want to hear how. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.