Surround Yourself With People You can Learn From, People Who are Kind, and People Who Do Kind Things.


We’ve talked about it before…life is short and its way too short to surround yourself with toxic relationships that are adding nothing but stress and anxiety to your daily mental outlook. Our goal is to provide you with the resources to help you surround yourself with positive people, places, and experiences that keep you moving forward! Life. It’s a State of Mind.

So, it’s time to do a little Spring cleaning in the relationship department!


First Step: How do you spot a toxic relationship?

Does this sound familiar?

1) When you make a significant accomplishment in your life like getting that fab new job you’ve been working so hard for, or finally being able to take that dream vacation, opening a new business venture, or buying a new home, does your “friend” make a snide remark like “must be nice!” (in which you reply in your head..”why yes bitch it is!” Just kidding. No we aren’t)

2) When you share your thoughts about a life goal or dream you have for yourself does your “friend” insist on shooting it down immediately instead of encouraging you to move forward, explore, or entertain the idea?

3) Do you notice that the majority of your conversations with said “friend” are always about negative gossip or what other people are doing in a judgmental tone?

Well, if you answered “yes” to one or all of these questions it might be a good time to take a look at the relationship and answer a few very important questions:

-       What am I learning from this person?

-       Is this person a supporter of mine?

-       Is this person kind? What acts of kindness do you notice in their day to day interactions with others?

If you are drawing a blank, or making excuses for trying to answer the above questions for a particular “friend”, it might be time to distance the relationship.

Step 2: How To Distance the Relationship:

A good start is to begin by putting more of a focus into the relationships you have with the people who you know are in your corner, supportive, and positive influences in your life. Remember that relationships, when healthy and supportive, are worth the time and energy you put into them, and give them the time that they deserve.

As for the relationships you have determined to be “toxic”, you can decide whether you want to keep sending them holiday cards and maintain a friendly rapport when you see them by chance, or if you want to make a clean break. But don’t allow them to continue to add stress and negativity to your life. Reserve your energy for those who had real power and value to your life.

Ok, right about now we know that you might be circling back to a few names on your “toxic relationship” list that might be family members, co-workers, or people who are for some other reason difficult to avoid. “What do I do then”, you ask?

Sometimes you just have no control over this group, and its important to learn easy ways to deal with those difficult relationships that can help you deal with them and reduce the stress they can bring to your life. This can be a little more tricky…so we put a short list of resourceful links to help you deal if you need them.

Quick Tips: How To Deal With Difficult People

Books: Check out this helpful list from Amazon to go more in depth 

Remember, you are in control of who you allow to share your space in this world. Life is short. Surround yourself with people who do nothing but make you feel your best!

Till next time!


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