Sock Bun = Fast Beautiful Curls!sockbunmain

If you are a lady on the go with no time to spare for making those long locks turn heads, you HAVE TO try this.  This simple little hair trick will knock your socks off and have you singing our praises from this day forth!

From One Hot Mess To Another, we are going to show you how give those long locks some body with no fuss, no heat, and no time.  All you need is a sock and a good nights rest!

Sock Bun. Yup, you heard me right. We stumbled across this trick on Pinterest, and we decided to give it a try. The results are in, and the Sock bun gets 5 stars!

Remember, we test this stuff out before we even pass it along to you, so rest assured you won’t be wasting your time on another “let down” beauty tip. You really can curl your hair in your sleep with a sock.  If you have ever ran out of the door in a sweat, with two left sandals on, (yes I have done that before), desperately trying to throw yourself together in hopes that you don’t look like a mess, then this is for you.

I was on Pinterest a while back and spotted this post about the sock bun which links you to the video we have included below. I have to admit, I was very skeptical at first. Basically they were saying that you could wrap your hair in a sock overnight and wake up with beautiful curls.  I’m still in awe of the simplicity because it is so easy, not damaging to your hair, and takes NO time.  Here is how it works.

 1) Cut the toe of a sock off

 2) Put your hair in a ponytail with any ponytail holder. I put mine on the top of my head when my hair is slightly damp, or you can spray just the ponytail and slightly dampen the ponytail if you don’t want the rest of your hair wet.

 3) Now, take what is left of the sock (looks like a long hollow tube), and scrunch up the sock so that it looks like a donut with a hole in the middle.

 4) Now take the sock and pull the ponytail through the sock and begin rolling the sock down so your hair is being fed through the hole. Now, roll the hair filled sock into a bun on your head. Just curling around the base of the ponytail until its in place.

 5) When you are finished rolling the hair filled sock around your ponytail base, you should have a bun on top of your head.  (Still with us?)

 6) Finally, there is no need to secure it with anything else.  The sock bun will stay put perfectly just the way it is.  Now go to sleep and dream about how beautiful your hair will be when you awake!  In the morning remove the bun and TA-DA!!!  You now have a head full of soft gorgeous curls!


Here is the full video tutorial if you need a hand.


From One Hot Mess To Another, you are welcome!

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