Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego (pronounced San Dee-AGO), which of course in German means whale's vagina.  What? Google it!

If you love the Channel 4 News Team, then you will certainly love taking a quick getaway to sunny San Diego.  I was there earlier this month and I took away some great travel notes to help you plan your trip to this little gem of a city.  

We are traveling on a shoestring budget (well, most of us anyway) so, doing your homework before you hop on that "greyhound in the sky" can really help stretch your pennies. Don’t worry I’ve done all the dirty work for ya!

If you didn’t know this already, the best day to buy your airfare is always on a Tuesday, and typically the most inexpensive days to fly are on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays…just FYI.

For this particular trip to San Diego, my friends and I rented a house on the beach from, and we found that for the money and the space, we got a fantastic deal.  Side note, I was in San Diego earlier this month and I stayed at the Marriott Gaslamp Hotel.

Let me preface this next tidbit with a little background work. From time to time, when I’m on vacation, I like to enjoy a cigarette or two. Yes, I know its very Parisian of me (don’t judge). While staying at the lovely Marriott, I tried to smoke a cigarette out of the window in my hotel room. Long story short, after getting security called on me…peed my pants a little…and flirted with the security guard so I wouldn’t get charged the $250 fee, I figured it would be best to stay in a beach house this time with a balcony and the luxury of walking outside if I want a social cigarette. This was much more accomodating after trying to hold my mouth out of a 1 inch slit in my hotel window.  Whew, that was close.  If you should opt to stay in a hotel upon your visit, from my experience, some of the best hotels in San Diego are the Hotel del Coronado, The Grand Del Mar, and the W San Diego.  Those are definitely worth checking out the rates via or priceline.

As for things to do, well, I could write a novel on simply "things to do" in San Diego. So, I'll just give you a short list of my stops. During my last stay, we were there during mid-week and went to a Padres game one night and out to the Hard Rock Hotel after the game (which is right across the street). I might add that Nobu is right in the vicinity as well if you have a craving for a great sushi dinner.  Nobu is not so much a shoestring budget type spot, but it is great for a splurge dinner.  Or here is an idea Ladies! Nobu is a great spot if you want to take advantage of the “freeloader” dinner…that’s where you meet someone at the bar and put your food on their tab…  Just kidding, I just made that up. There’s no such thing as a “freeloader” dinner, but there should be. (just kidding..or, just kidding)

The next day my little group went to the beach at La Jolla Shores for some fun in the sun. Later we made our way out on the town by starting at Georges on the Cove for an amazing dinner.  George’s is a great place to take in the sunset while enjoying a wonderful dinner that won’t break the bank!  And I might add that they have the BEST fish tacos I have EVER experienced.  The cocktails aren’t bad either, but then again with this view I could be drinking toilet water out of fish bowl and probably be content.

The last day was our stop at the San Diego Zoo, which is seriously one of the most fabulous and renowned Zoo’s in world.  This was my favorite visit of the trip. Put a star by this tip! For the animal lover this is a must stop!

To sum it up, this Shoestring Jetsetter’s jaunt straight into the “Whale’s Vagina,” was nothing short of magical! If you take anything away from this rant, take this... if you fly on an “off” day, get your room at a discounted rate via homeaway or priceline, get your padres tickets on the day of the actual game, “freeload” your dinner at expensive places (seriously kidding), and make the single dad with 2 kids buy you a ticket to the zoo, this trip can be on a shoestring budget!

Till next time! Stay Classy!